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10 Francs team

Guy Knafo - founder & ceo
He's been a conceptor, producer and a director of documentaries and youth programmes for many years.

His interests outside of films, absurd and rigour are preparing food and eating it.
You can always ask him for a good receipe of "pasta" or "Magret de canard flambé au miel et poivre vert".
Sylvie Mémain-Yé - Back office & administration
Hey! hey! hey!

Always as much « the ant », just a little bit less « as stubborn as a mule », but always « ray of sunshine ».

And still impassioned of as many things for which it is possible to be : Music and Photography and, and... and... Life ! Life ! Life !
Jihem - Webmaster
Nothing else than THE incredible sorcerer.
Mesmer mixer of HTML and singing Reggae
Benjamin Vitel - Distribution Assistant