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10Francs was created in 1995 by Guy Knafo & Daniel Ziv.
For those who still remember this old currency, 10 Francs was just about all that these 2 people had. The problem was, that neither partner knew where the money was !
A few years ago, Daniel decided to leave the company.

10Francs is a film distribution company based in France, with a library of more than 1700 films. We are in constant growth since 1995, working with over 270 international producers. Over the years, the developement of the company has given rise to the creation of 3 catalogues : Documentaries, Arts and Fictions.

With our 10 years’ experience, we are always looking for new films, for worldwide distribution or for French-speaking territories or for Europe.

On well advanced projects, 10 Francs could work on pre-production and pre-sales.

That's who we are and Thanks to all of you who made us !