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Ulaanbaatar, tomb amidst the Steppes

A 51’ documentary directed in 1998 by Marie-Pierre Jaury

Imee, Biamba and Horolsaren, who live in Ulaanbaatar, the 600 000 people capital of Mongolia. Each of their lives represents a different social perspective within the same urban setting.

Imee, a grandmother who moved from the countryside to the suburbs of the city after the death of her husband, can't adapt to the pace of modern city life.

Biamba, a 21 year old student who has never left the capital, forms a part of a youth society that exists within the complex social issues between her country cultural traditions and the portrayal of the "American dream" that is transmitted through Russian TV and out-of-date western magazines.
Horolsaren, one of the thousands kids street, who roam the city without reference or identity.

An animated triptych which makes reference to the modern urban reality and the social unrest of Mongolia.

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