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History > Historical Personalities


A 52' report directed in 2018 by Kirk Godard

This is an unbelievable story but, is it a real one?

Eisemov now 98 years old and who was Eisenstein's ghost writer on many films, tells us the truth on what happened in the evening of the 21st of june 1943.
Staline was going to start a top secret military operation which could lead to the victory of USSR in just 3 days.

But, just before giving his agreement to that operation, he had dinner with Eisenimov who had prepared for that occasion his famous Canard Flambé au Poivre. This duck was to become responsible for one of history's greatest mix-up! A 2 hours dinner that we discover through archives and also some reconstitution in which appears 6 of the 20th century most famous actors.

A spy network story so incredible that nobody dared to say anything for the past 55 years !

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