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Georges Dambier, photographer. Who's that guy ?

A 52’ documentary directed in 2016 by Miguel Sanchez-Martin

Who is this man, this photographer who made so many incredible fashion shots during the Thirty Glorious Years?

Post-war celebrities immortalized in their daily life hapiness, “Haute Couture” Top Models shot in the street, wellknown musicians, all these images offer an elegant and sparkling fresco of an epoch, a life..

Several testimonies were collected to reveal the astonishing path of Georges Dambieras an esthete. With retrospective biography and intimist testimonies, the film tells his career, reveals the footprint left by this existence and the future of his work.

In between the words of Georges Dambier and those of his son Guillaume, it is a work of memory that is carried out, deeply rooted in a cultural heritage of great wealth.

Festivals : - Avant-Première – Le mercredi 9 novembre 2016 à 19h30 - Cinéma Notre Dame, Place Victor Hugo, Mussidan – 24400

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