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The Imaginary Hairstyles

A 53’ & 60’ documentary directed in 2016 by Bernard Kleindienst

At the beginning, Christophe, Laetitia, Laurent, Wilfrid, Luc could not imagine themselves carving hairs, transforming them, diverting them, and getting inspiration in them.

People call them hairdressers-designers. They embarked on creative hairdressing, somehow by chance.
They have a very personal sensitivity. They have doubts, they search, they believe in it: that is what their life is made of.

So, what is driving them? How do they create?
The film is answering these questions. It follows them at home, at work and in their shows as well.

Their creations are amazing.

Anyway, they are the most fantastic hairdressers in the world.
In these rather depressing times we’re, it is worth showing them.

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