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Rhodiacéta - As long as the walls hold

A 52’ documentary directed in 2016 by Marc Perroud

Rhodiacéta 2014, a forgotten industrial site at the entrance of a city. Abandoned for nearly 30 years, it has become the underground theater of generations of graffiti artists, photographers and other argonauts who haunt the place.

On the basis of his social and militant career, the film shows and makes heard what resists in this monumental structure devoted to demolition.

From the past to the present, there is a question of occupation: that of the great strike of 1967 which led to the formation of the Medvedkine group, and then, after the closure of the spinning mill in 1981, that of a heterogeneous and clandestine population benefiting “ free space ", and finally, that of the walls on which are deployed paintings incessantly renewed.

We will paint a portrait of this symbolic wasteland, through these "people of the interior", these people of today but also with those who have rubbed shoulders with him, who have lived and worked there and who, by the memory, still live it.

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