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René Vernadet, the eye that preceded the feat

A 52’ documentary directed in 2014 by Laetitia Chalandon

René Vernadet, filmmaker and mountaineer, is one of the last people alive who lived inside the golden age of French mountaineering and participating in the filming.

Often forgotten in favor of the great figures he caught, he has given its pedigree in film and documentary mountain.
This little man, now aged 86, has a power of iron and magnetic smile.

The time of day, he returns to the ground it has covered all his life. At the heart of the Mont Blanc, he remembers with delight and tells what he shared during his sporting achievements, film and humans.

His story will be accompanied by numerous archival footage as well as the writings of his fellow strung now extinct.

Festivals : - Festival du Film d'Aventure La Rochelle 2015

Awards : - Grand prix du film documentaire de Montagne Autrans 2014

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