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History > Conflicts

Vive l'Empereur

A 51’ documentary directed in 2012 by Bertrand Normand

Russia, Kaliningrad. One morning in February, still asleep in the gray misty winter, the small town of Bagrationovsk, populated mainly pensioners and civil servants, suddenly filled with soldiers of the First Empire. Hussars, grenadiers, dragoons, lancers, cuirassiers, hunters, gunners, on horseback or on foot, a myriad of uniformed men of all colors straight out of the Napoleonic era and emerges teeming through the streets lined with concrete buildings to the astonishment of the inhabitants.

From Russia, Ukraine, but also from France, Poland, Germany and Belgium, they are there to reconstruct the Battle of Eylau, which occurred in this place some two hundred years earlier. For three days they live in the small town, well dressed, and live to the rhythm of life of the soldiers then. Three days, two times strangely superimposed. The last day the battle takes place in the plains adjoining the city. Shooting, cavalry charges, cannon shots, shouts of hosts. On the snowy ground and in front of a large audience reproduces one of the most memorable battles of the First Empire.

At the head of operations, a man dressed in general, cocked hat, blue jacket and gold, galloping and parade on his proud white frame, gives the orders, harangue the troops and leads the soldiers. His name, Oleg Sokolov. Historian of the First Empire and Napoleon's admirer, he is the founder pageants in Russia. It is he who puts on stage and plays the key role, that of the chief of the Grand Army. Around him, the officers, NCOs and privates. In front of them, the Czar's army.

Festivals : - Festival international de documentaires de Cebu

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