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Painters and Sculptors

Chronicle Drawn for the Common People

A 54’ documentary directed in 2013 by Idi Nouhou

In most of our countries, reigns a climate of crisis of confidence towards the more and more irresponsible political leaders, too much worried by the conquest of the power, the political quarrels or the misappropriations of public money.

Against their egoism and cowardice, some of our people oppose with the indifference, the deaf discontent or the revolt. In Niger, it is the mockery that humble people propose.
Mockery consolidated by a young draftsman, Abdoul Karim Nabassoua.

He cheers up the Nigerians by drawing the political leaders that he turns in mockery and defuses the social resentment.

Abdoul Karim sells his drawings for 100 francs CFA each. The populations of villages and Diasporae are crazy about it.

Through the portrait of this young draftsman, his route and that of its drawings in the popular districts of Niamey, I try a chronicle outstripped and amused by the political life of my country.

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