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Where the Bee Sucks

A 52’ & 55’ documentary directed in 2016 by Adrin Neatrour

‘Where the bee sucks…’ is a film about bee keeping, the intimate relations between man and bee. The film is shot from the point of view of the bee keeper taking us into the world of the hive, revealing the life in the colony normally only seen by him. Our guide is Ralph Pattisson, a sure footed and gentle presence. His outlook on life has been shaped by looking after his bees. As an architect his admiration for honey bees starts with their amazing ability as builders of the honeycomb. His relationship with the bees has shown him the wonder beauty and danger of these wild creatures with which he interacts on a daily basis. The film follows Ralph through the cycle of the year, coping with disease and swarms. In summer he moves the bees up to the heather moors where they will make the best honey. Keeping bees has a purpose: to get them to make honey. In order to exploit this ability you have to understand how they function and use the tools of the trade which in many ways are no different from those of the first people who collected honey on a regular basis: the eye, the hand and observation. ‘Where the bee sucks…’ brings the audience a little closer to one of man’s oldest relationships with nature: the honey bee.

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