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Horace-Bénédict de Saussure and the Mont Blanc Conquest

A 52’ documentary directed in 2015 by Hervé Pernot

Horace Benedict de Saussure, citizen of Geneva and scientist in the age of the Enlightment, is also one of the leaders of the conquest of Mont Blanc. His passion for this mountains takes up an important place in his life, especially between 1760, when he is 20 years old and discovers the valley of Chamonix, and 1787, 27 years later, when he triumphantly climbs the roof of Western Europe. Following his trail, we first meet alpine landscapes of the "Little Ice Age" and then characters : Chamonix inhabitants, mountain crystals collectors, chamois hunters, such as Jean Michel Cachat or Jacques Balmat, who will become the first guides of the first mountains climbers. Saussure's story and passion drive us back to the XVIIIth century, when the faith in Reason runs alongside with superstition, when the area of everlasting snow appears like a place full of terrible curses as well as an universe to discover, likely to expand the field of human knowledge.

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