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The biter bit

A 52’ documentary directed in 2015 by Jean-Baptiste Benoit

A gardener waters a garden. A scamp set foot on the garden hose.
Man inspects the pipe end, since there is more water.
The playful takes the foot of the pipe, the gardener found sprinkled in. The gardener who does not appreciate the joke, chasing the young, catches and corrects.

The biter is the first fiction movie and the first comedian in film history.

A 50-second gag directed by Louis Lumière and screened for the first time December 28th 1895 under the title "The gardener and mischievous".

What were the shooting conditions, dissemination and impact on the future of cinema? What was his influence on the burlesque cinema? Hence Louis Lumière he drew inspiration? Previously, the gag of the biter has been designed so many times in Germany, France and the United States.
This gag fits in effect in the beginnings of comics.

So who is the inventor of this hilarious gag? Is Uzes? Is Hermann Vogel? Is Christophe? Is Hans Schliessmann.

Moreover, what is a visual gag and how a gag. We find in the history of comics and film, Winsor McCay to Monty Python, many remakes.
But in fact, the inventor of this gag (and in this burlesque) would it not simply invented the hose?

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