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Henri Poincaré, harmony and chaos

A 53’ documentary directed in 2012 by Philippe Worms

Etienne, Cedric and the others are mathematicians, physicists, philosophers ... There are exuberant and taciturn, prudent and optimistic, enthusiastic and reluctant ... All came to evoke the man who was, at one time or another in their lives, an inspiration, a trigger, an accomplice, Henri Poincaré.

No doubt, Henri Poincaré (1854 -1912) is one of the greatest scientists of all time. With uncommon creative force, its work, as the power of his intuitions, irrigated research scientists throughout the twentieth century until today.

Etienne, Cedric, Jean-Christophe Gérard and others are in a house they rented especially for the occasion. Several days of work and reflection, far from everything, together. It does not happen so often their .; and their excitement is visible.

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