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History > Asia

 Tales from the Western Hills

A 4 X 50’ documentary directed in 2015 by Tongdao Zhang

When French physician Dr. Jean Louis Bussière gathered his father’s belongings, he found three thousand photos and a large number of documents including ones gifted by Chinese former President Yuan Shikai, the Tibetan Lama 9th Panchen, Peking Opera actor Mei Lanfang and many other anonymous people. There is a garden in one of these photos which was built in Beijing by his father. The garden combining Chinese and western styles has been well preserved up till now. His father Dr. Jean-Augustin Bussière was the head physician of the French Legation, physician of the president of the Republic of China and had lived in China for 41 years before left. What happened to his father during these years in China? How did his father meet his mother? Why did his father come back to France when he was 82-year-old? In the spring of 2014, Jean Louis came to China with all these questions. He tried to find out the secrets behind these photos.

Festivals : - 13th Sichuan TV Festival, 2015 - 11th Chinese American Film Festival, 2015 - 10th Edition Festival du Cinéma Chinois de Paris, 2015 - 3th China International Documentary Film Festival - 4th Jiayuguan International Short Film Festival

Awards : *Best Documentary Series in the category of Anthropology in International “Gold Panda” Awards for Documentary, 3th Sichuan TV Festival 2015, China *Golden Angel Award Best Chinese Documentary TV Series, 11th Chinese American Film Festival, 2015. * Best Documentary Film, 10th Edition Chinese Cinema Festival of Paris, 2015, France *Best Director, 3th China International Documentary Film Festival, China *Best Chinese documentary TV Series, 4th Jiayuguan International Short Film Festival, China

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