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Reims 74, rock goes to the cathedral

A 52’ documentary directed in 2012 by Benoît Garel

December 13, 1974 Reims basilica, the coronation of the kings of France, is hosting a now legendary concert. In the first part, Nico (ex-singer of the Velvet Underground), occurs only, accompanied by his harmonium. In the second part, Tangerine Dream, headlight group of the German scene, with Krautrock, synthetic music, nicknamed relaxing music at the time, has invented electronic music.

Nico occurs at the time regularly with John Cale (also ex-Velvet Underground which the product), Bian Eno or Kevin Ayers. She lives with filmmaker Philippe Garrel and is about to release a legendary album "The End" from the name of the song The Doors it resumes.

Tangerine Dream is one of the first groups to use an instrument created by Robert Moog, the synthesizer. Tangerine Dream is a group founded and directed by Edgar Froese was born in East Prussia, now located in Russia. The following year, Tangerine Dream composed the music for the film Sorcerer William Friedkin.

The concert is organized by Assaad Debs and Gerard Drouot within the association Reims Music Action. This is the first concert they organize. Today Gerard Drouot produced the concert of Bruce Springsteen or U2 and Assaad Debs runs Corida organizer Eric Clapton concerts, Texas, Ben Harper, Rammstein ...

5200 tickets are sold, France Inter forwards the concert and the Notre Dame de Reims is crowded by those so-called hippies or hippie. Drug use, sex, clam used as an urinal ...

The scandal quickly exceeds the very bourgeois and Catholic champenoise city (then headed by Jean Taittinger a Baron of Gaullism). Although the diocese of religious affirm publicly that lent the basilica conscientiously and without regret, the highest authorities of the Church will purify and reconsacreront Basilica before reuse. RTL and Europe 1 will shows on the concert and scandal. All that was involved in making this concert a global myth of the underground.

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