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Revolution on the Carpet

A 62’ & 52’ documentary directed in 2015 by Flavio Perrazini, Martina Castigliani, Elena Mattioli, Francesco Alesi

A controversial revolution of the late twentieth century, the protests of the Green Movement of 2009, a theocratic regime: the history of Iran told through the eyes of those who live in exile, the protagonists of 1979 and then 2009.

People forced to flee, a far-from-home virtual community united by the desire of a better country but divided on the responsibilities associated to the events of contemporary Iran. Two generations separated by a historical memory rewritten over time by winners. A paradoxical story, in which lies dormant a generational conflict between fathers - who believed in a possible change - and disillusioned children who accuse their parents of the prevailing condition in Iran.
In the background stands Paris, crossroads of lives, wonderful open-air prison for travelers without choice.

A historical path that winds between two dates, the one of Islamic revolution and the protests of the Green Movement, to bring the viewer to the elections of 2013, where the polls expectations of two
generations are shaped by different wishes: some by the never-ending hope to see real democracy in Iran and some by the simple dream to see their homeland again.

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