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 Olive Tree - The gift of the Goddess

A 3 X 26’ documentary directed in 2014 by Vangelis Tremopoulos

This tree is a divine gift with amazing properties.
A gift that can nourish, heal, warm, enlighten, wreathe, beautify and cleanse.
A tree Symbol of peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power and purity.
Poets praised its value and durability. Painters were inspired by its silver leaves and the deep scratches on its trunk Spiritual people used it to emphasize the superior virtues of human beings. Historians, archaeologists, politicians and sociologists were involved with passion.

Major religions use its fruit extract at their rituals.

A great gift to humanity.
The sacred tree of the goddess of wisdom.
Athena struck her spear on the ground and a tree sprung up.
The silver gaze, the multiform, the fruitfull, the enviable, the perennial and indomitable Olive tree.
Join us in an amazing trip through time exploring the history of the blessed tree.

Stay tuned to watch how the extra virgin olive oil is produced.
And enjoy life using our following divine recipes.

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