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Queens of France - 15 Centuries of History

A 10 X 52’ documentary directed in 2014 by Miscellaneous Directors , Dominique Mougenot, Catherine Mignot

Our documentary series pictures the portrait of ten of the greatest Queens of France, exploring their biography, while evoking the reigning dynasties from the Middle Age to the Contemporary era.

With the support of the greatest historians and specialists of the monarchy, we will discover the mysteries of power and the great political secrets of the kingdom's history.

The purpose of each episode is to make an historical evaluation of a journey, to relate the life and the time of a powerful Queen of France. What was her influence administratively, economically, politically and militarily? What does history say about her humanitarian effort, about her popularity among her subjects and about the legacy she left behind her?

-Aliénor d’Aquitaine – Queen of France and England (1122-1204)
-Blanche de Castille - Queen pious (1188-1252)
-Anne de Bretagne - Queen vanguard (1476-1514)
-Catherine de Médicis – Political Queen (1519-1589)
-Marie Stuart - Queen conspiratorial (1542-1587)
-Marie de Médicis - Queen very Christian (1573-1642)
-Anne of Austria - Inflexible Queen (1601-1666)
-Marie-Antoinette - Queen decried (1755-1793)
-Joséphine de Beauharnais - The Empress (1763-1814)
-Eugénie de Montijo - The ultimate sovereign (1826-1920)

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