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Qamishli - A Kurdish solution to the Syrian conflict

A 9’ report directed in 2015 by Leo Gabriel

Only few people have realized that the city of Qamishli in the far Northeast of Syria between the boarder to Iraq and the battleground of Kobane represents a sign of hope in the worldwide conflict with the so called Islamic State.

Founded after World War I by Assyrian settlers and today dominated by PYD (the Syrian offshoot of the Kurdish PKK), the city of approximately 200 000 inhabitants has established, since one year and a half, a democratic system of self-governance based on a communal structure that includes Muslims, Christians and Alewites.

The 9 min. documentary video starts out with the funeral of one of the female fighters and includes interviews with the most important religious and political authorities. It shows Christian militias and an Assyrian family whose son fights against the IS. But above all it shows how confident the people of Qamishli are to have defeated the IS and opened up a new page of their controversial history.

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