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Sebastian Barrio – The Fabulous Destiny of a Porn Star

A 30’ documentary directed in 2015 by Aglika Delahaye

Sebastian Barrio has received more awards in the adult film industry than any other French actor. The director follows him for a year, filming the radical changes in his life.
Sebastian abruptly ends his career as a hardcore porn actor to fully-devote himself to traditional films and theater.
Working alone, he creates his one-man show, which he hopes will prove that he, indeed, has talent as an actor.

Will his show be a success with spectators and professionals?
How long will he accept to live on such a meager income when he knows he was able to live quite comfortably making porn movies.

For the first time ever, Sebastian Barrio speaks in front of a camera about women, sexual desire, what goes on behind the scenes of the world of pornography, taboo subjects and the hypocrisy of our society, his faith, his fusional relationship with his mother.

An intimate, amusing, moving film…

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