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Today's Worlds > Justice

Unjust Justice - Mexico

A 42’ documentary directed in 2014 by Leo Gabriel, Michael Vetter

Several months before the massacre of 43 Students in Iguala on September 24th, 2014, two Austrian filmmakers who have been working on Mexico for decades visited the Mexican State of Guerrero in search of way-out of the horrifying dilemma which is haunting the country since more than a decade: the majorly indigenous peasant population of Guerrero finds itself squeezed between powerful drug-lords and a totally corrupt police force supported by a repressive army which already has lost control over vast extensions of a territory historically disputed by guerillas and transnational companies.

The documentary highlights the so called policia comunitaria (community police) elected by the local population in the mountains of Guerrero who have managed since 1997, with the support of renown authorities of the catholic church, to develop its own justice-system, challenging the monopoly of the State institutions. Besides showing the particularities of a legal framework deeply grounded in the customary principles of an indigenous society the movie gives an excellent overview of a political controversy which represents nowadays the heart of a conflict which already had cost 80 000 lives during the presidency of Felipe Calderon (2006-2012).

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