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Gottschalk, the King of Pianists

A 70’ performing arts directed in 2014 by David de Stoppeleire

A pianistic and humorous show from Pierre Tisseyre - Le Piano pour Tous

With "Gottschalk, le roi des pianistes", Pierre Tisseyre presents the life and the works of an underestimated musician, Louis-Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869), a virtuoso pianist born in New Orleans which we shall nickname American Chopin.

He came study in Paris in 1841 and before going back to America he played in front of Chopin himself who will predict him that he will become the king of the pianists. When back, he will play 9 000 concerts (sometimes three a day) in the biggest concert halls of New York and San Francisco as in the western American saloons. This story is full of anecdotes quit more interesting and funnier than the other.

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