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Perspectives Cavalières

A 70’ performing arts directed in 2014 by Thomas Fournier

Equestrian circus.

Shot at Haras du pin, this show from Benjamin grain combines equestrian disciplines such as acrobatics (Cossack and girth), high school or the Hungarian position singing, dancing and acting, in the search for a real theatricality, beyond the simple demonstration of prowess. It shows evolve several Iberian horses, ponies welshes well as draft horses.

Complex characters Cavalières Outlook borrow the circus, music hall, sometimes even comics. Like the "Opposites", these members of Indian tribes who were all wrong, their thirst for freedom abolishes codes, conventions as far as genres.

Five artists from different backgrounds have lyrical singing, contemporary dance, object manipulation and acting but also acrobatics, high school, work long reins and dressage at liberty, accompanied by original music made, among others, sounds processed Stable.

This contemporary show, in the wake of new and circuses equestrian theater, gives place to the "arts riders" as a true means of expression. Light, funny and colorful, it tells our doubts, our blunders and violence, but always, our vital need of the other.

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