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Robert Giffard, A heroe of Nouvelle-France (Quebec)

A 64’ performing arts directed in 2014 by Loïc Gourbe

Native of Autheuil, a small village of Orne, Robert Giffard, first apothecary in Tourouvre and doctor in Mortagne, seduced very early by the lure in the New World, will, during several trips, discover the Quebec region .

After being conceded by the Hundred Associates company, "Lordship of Beauport", he will, with the help of Percheron laborers and artisans, develop, rationally and methodically these new lands.

At his death in 1668, the colony had 3000 inhabitants. It is this unusual life as the show Le Sieur de Beauport tends to evoke through a theatrical representation staged by Pierre Rives Mazelet the same places where Robert Giffard was born.

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