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Horse Freedom: The Ride on the back of the World

A 65’ performing arts directed in 2014 by David de Stoppeleire

Equestrian and musical show.

On Jérôme Garcin's text and the music of Gilles Alonzo, the comedians from the Black Butterfly Theatre accompanied by the musicians of the regional orchestra of Lower-Normandy, bring you in their shaken imagination where they become "man-horse".

For many centuries, and through out civilizations. the myth of the horse was and is still very present... But it is also the horse that we harness for the ploughings, the one that carries us, that help us travel, but their is also the horse for the warriors and the one for the games and the races... The horse is always in movement... The man and the horse have a long story, a story made by chains, obstacles and freedom.
On stage, two extraordinary horses, they are led by their riders, they dance, rear, kick and spin. Accompanied with their songs, their drums and their sticks, the comedians are dressed with their big brightly coloured coats and become in their turn horses while they dance wildly. They will be at the same time a character and several, always in movement, carrier of a feeling, a sensation. The theatre, the music, the text and the equestrian art will weave together a mat of words, music, steps and images to make live the horse of our imagination.

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