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Painters and Sculptors

It’s Quite Good Being Crazy

A 104’ & 90’ documentary directed in 2013 by Antoine Page

A director and a painter (Zoo Project) drove through Europe all the way to the far reaches of Siberia.

Blurring the boundaries between road-movie and documentary tales, they relate the story of their journey mixing drawing and video.

A film directed by Antoine Page
Drawn by Zoo Project (Bilal Berreni)

Length of the French Version: 104’
Length of the English Version: 90’

Bilal (23) was found dead with a bullet in the head in the streets of Detroit in July 2013. His body was identified in March 2014.
His draw line was strong, powerful and his drawings often gigantic.
His universe, mixed, unified, mythological bestiary, political relevance and attention to human beings.
Despite his young age, he left a unique and identifiable work which can be expected to mark the time.

Festivals : - Festival du Grand Bivouac - 16-19 Octobre 2014 - Albertville - Festival Partie(s) de campagne - Dans le cadre d'une soirée autour du Cuirassé Potemkine - 12 Juillet 2014 à 18h, Ouroux en Morvan (58) - Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival - 17-20 Avril 2014, Doha, Qatar - Écrans du réel - 21 au 28 Novembre 2013, Le Mans - Mois du Documentaire - 1er au 30 Novembre 2013, Bourgogne Franche Comté - Festival de la ville de Québec - 19 au 29 Septembre 2013, Québec

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