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 Birds and Men

A 3 X 56’ documentary directed in 2013 by Mikhail Rodionov, Svetlana Bychenko

The triptych "BIRDS AND MEN" includes three films: "The Ballad of the Forest Knights", "Brothers and Birds" and "The Final Summer of the Moscow's Great Grebe."

« The Ballad of the Forest Knights »
“The Ballad of the Forest Knights” is a movie about capercaillies and people who are in love with them.

« Brothers and Birds »
“Brothers and Birds” is a story about twin brothers, both forest wardens. During all their childhood the brothers were living in the forest, and grew up surrounded by animals and Wild Birds. In this film, nature is not a simple set, but one of the principal heroin of the story, with a decisive influence on the two brothers’ personalities, relationship, and way of thinking.

« The Last Summer of The Moscow's Great Grebe »
This documentary tells about fascinating bird Great Crested Grebe, which lives on the Black Lake right in the borders of Moscow. The director was studying Great Crested Grebe and the other inhabitants of the lake for five years. He figured out a lot of mysteries of this place, but the megapolis is coming closer and closer. New neighborhoods are being built around the lake, and less and less space is left for the birds. Now the fate of Great Grebe is in danger.

Festivals : * Russian Festival of Nature, Primeval Russia, Moscow. * International Ecological Cinema Festival "Save and Preserve", Hanty-Mansiysk

Awards : - "Brothers and birds" - Award For directing" The XIV International Documentary Film festival "Flahertiana", 2014, Russia - "The Ballad of the Forest Knights" - 1st prize in the Category "Nature of Russia" - Festival of Documentary Film "Rendezvous with Russia", Ingushetia, 2014, Russia - "Brothers and birds" & "The Ballad of the Forest Knights" - The Diploma of Outdoor Film Festival "Kinoshock", CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, 2014 - "Brothers and birds" - The Special Prize "Best Director" XIII Baikal international film festival "People and environment", 2014, Russia - "Brothers and birds" - Award For directing and cinematography "Vserossiiskii Festival of Environmental film " The Meridian of Hope, 2014

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