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Casimir Betove von Schubermann

A 80’ performing arts directed in 2013 by Loïc Gourbe

Pianistic and humorous show from Pierre TISSEYRE - Le Piano pour Tous

It is an imaginary piano player with uncertain origins, hence the hybrid name (Clara Betove, his grandmother would have known Schubert or Schumann). A name that connects to the roots of the so-called classical music.

Throughout the show and an imaginary interview, he recounts his journey from his debut with the Kids’ Pink-Method until his biggest concerts through a painstaking learning basic music theory, scales, metronome and conservatory. And also his various influences, the piano bar and other humoristic piano-delusions (The Turkeesh March, Sonata alarm, Pauleesh Chopin specialist or radar sanctioning pianist that plays too fast ...)

A pianistic and humorous show by TISSEYRE Pierre - Piano For All. Recorded in January 20, 2013 at the Auditorium of Alençon.

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