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El Presidente

A 69’ performing arts directed in 2013 by Loïc Gourbe

Somewhere in the world ...

Paola 13 years is " Papeleira " the pick of waste paper. Before recycling, she read them then she organizes all of them that have a meaning for her.
Then she invent the rules of an ideal world , " Carilla Blanca ", the city that no one leads and where everyone has a place ...

Alessandro 16. He is " El Presidente ", the leader of a kids gang of " Tubo de la vida ."
Alessandro firmly holds his friends away from drugs and prostitution. This micro-society, structured and supportive, fun and delights - albeit not always ideal.

Until the day the neighborhood is targeted by the gang 23. Tensions then plunge " Tubo de la vida " gradually in the dark.

Cast: Paola : Lauriane Eudeline Alessandro : Rémi Granville, El Vergudo : Tristan Fox , Tupo Luis Lacroix, MATTEUS : Jack Mc -Alexis Aleer , Little One: Fanch Blanchard, El Cuca Ilan Richard , Fernanda Clara Maignan , La Gallina : Malo Jean- Albert

Written and directed by Laurent Cottel played by the Company and The Lost Children show.

Festivals : Un spectacle écrit et mis en scène par Laurent Cottel et joué par la Compagnie Les Enfants Perdus.

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