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A 58’ & 99’ documentary directed in 2012 by Catherine Azad, Frédéric Gonseth

In the green heart of Europe, there is a region where people live on the edge of our time and its trading system. In the Romanian Carpathians, many farmers do not work for money, just for their own needs. Their gestures and tools are the same as those in force in the sixteenth century.

Chronicle of a village where everything is done by the horse, when modernity burst.
With horses, despite the closure of the mines, the people of Botiza not depend on anyone to feed and clothe themselves, not even the price of oil.

This strange journey into the past, we took the time needed to achieve with four families.
And, closer to their actions and emotions, we felt what meant everything once living without modern conveniences: the hardness of work, but also the pleasure of being in the street to talk, play cards, to play violin or flute frenzied under knotty fingers.

Festivals : - FIPA 2013, Biarritz, France, en compétition internationale «Documentaires de création», Première mondiale - Journées de Soleure 2013, Première Suisse

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