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TV-Drama History

 Shaka Zulu

A 10 X 50’ feature directed in 1986 by William C. Faure

This series is an epic saga inspired by Shaka Zulu, founder of the Zulu Empire.

Shaka Zulu was the illegitimate child of a Zulu prince and a girl of the Elangeni tribe: Nandi.

This historical epic traces Shaka’s path to power, and the rising power of the Zulu empire he created at the time of the English colonies.

This formidable warrior, often compared to Napoleon, will revolutionize the continent thanks to his war strategies and invincible army.

But it is also a moving story of love between a mother and her son, an unstoppable thirst for revenge...

Episode 1
1. Epilogue
2. The Clash of Empires
3. The Right Man in the Right Place
4. An Alternative Plan
5. Future Expedition
6. A Rough Sea
Episode 2
1. The Written Word
2. Magicians at Work
3. A Powerful Wizard
4. Meeting Shaka
5. Offerings
6. Limited Powers
Episode 3
1. King Shaka’s court
2. Nandi
3. The Wedding
4. King Jama’s order
5. The Prince’s Lie
6. Powerful force
Episode 4
1. Negotiations
2. The Prophecies’ Child
3. The Truth of Blood
4. The Daemon’s Hand
5. Persecutions
6. Banished
Episode 5
1. Legitimate Heir
2. Two Fugitives
3. Bounty Hunt
4. Crossed Destinies
5. Military Life
6. The Art of War
Episode 6
1. Shaka’s Spirit
2. A New War
3. Body, Spirit
4. The Reign of Terror
5. The March towards Destiny
6. Hail to the King
Episode 7
1. Conspiracy
2. Between Life and Death
3. The Fear of Doubt
4. A Dose of Power
5. The King of the Kings
6. A Political Asset
Episode 8
1. An Imminent Conflict
2. Total Control
3. Inexplicable Death
4. Shaka’s Revenge
5. In the Battle
6. The Power of Knowledge
Episode 9
1. Sealing a Pact
2. A Proof of Good Will
3. Setting Sail
4. Revenge and Hatred
5. King’s Emissaries
6. The Big Female Elephant
Episode 10
1. Death is the Truth
2. I am a Zulu
3. A War Act
4. The return
5. Luring a Monkey
6. For the Nation’s Good

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