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4% Universe - CERN

A 53’ & 43’ documentary directed in 2012 by Gospodin Nedelchev

We are aware of only 4 % of the Universe.

Some of the greatest scientists of our time are working in the European Laboratory for Nuclear Research (CERN), focus not on the end of the world but its beginning.
They are determined to discover the truth about the beginning of time, space and matter through the largest man-made machine ever - the Large Hadron Collider also known as the Time Machine – a unique embodiment of science and technology channelling our planet’s intellect.
The Collider lies in a 27-kilometer tunnel near Geneva, Switzerland.
• Where does time begin and where does it end?
• How was our Universe born?
In an attempt to find a plausible answer to these questions, scientists have built the Time Machine.
With the help of remarkable discoveries such as the Higgs boson, or the “God particle,” their search for the truth continues.
• What events occurred 13 billion and seven hundred million years ago?
• When did time begin?
• Was it really the Big Bang that created matter and spaces?

Festivals : -Thessaloniki Doc Festival 2013 -International festival of documentary and animation “Golden Kuker in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – December 2012

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