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A 56’ & 85’ documentary directed in 2012 by Marc Gastine

The May 6th, 2012 parliamentary election – held against the backdrop of an unprecedented economic, social and moral crisis – was an historical moment for Greece and a challenge to its democracy.

Following the “way of the cross” of four candidates (a socialist from PASOK, a left radical from SYRIZA, a conservative from New Democracy and a neo-Nazi from Golden Dawn) in their effort to re-establish contact with their constituents, the film explores the political practices in Greece today, as well as the current situation of a society deeply affected by the crisis.

With no commentary or interviews, the film leaves it up to the audience to decide.

DEMOKRATIA, an 85-minute version of this film is also available.

The film is not available in Greece.

Festivals : -Festival des Libertés 2013 - Belgique - Thessaloniki Doc Festival 2013 - Thessalonique

Awards : Nominated for Award Europa 2013 - The European Broascating Festival

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