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Aleksandr Laime: Diamonds of Angel Falls

A 52’ documentary directed in 2011 by Vladislav Shchepin

Alexandr Laime, in heart romanticist and a dreamer, went in the deep jungle of Venezuela in search for the Jimmy Angel’s famed ‘Diamond River’.

Nobody knows if he succeeded or not in his quest, but until today locals of Cainama call him in the same name as Indians once named him - the King of Diamonds.

Those who knew him always wondered about the existence of Laime’s diamonds and the reasons he spent so many years by the Angel falls. Locals legend tell, that Laime found something else other than diamonds, but he protected his treasure from the outside world.

Until today Alexandr Laime remains a hero of local legends and mystical stories…

The film is available in europe (eastern and western) but not in Latvia.

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