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Other Arts

Citizen K.

A 52’ & 72’ documentary directed in 2012 by Michal Dvorák

Is there just too much control today? Monitoring, databases, mandatory data collection, cameras and more every day? Can the individual even hope to influence this process? Can the average citizen still actively influence his surroundings? Or is he nothing more than a figure a unit, taxpayer, user, number? How far can or rather, must an individual, an artist, go in order to learn the true state of things?

In an era obsessed with identification, the art group Ztohoven undertook an experiment in order to see how much could be done with your own and with a borrowed identity. The group’s members ordered official ID cards using fake identities, trading identities by using passport photos created by morphing their faces together. Using their new identities, they then got married, travelled abroad, voted, and generally showed how difficult it is for the system to tell us apart.

Festivals : - Febio Fest, Bratislava Slovakia 2013 - Planet Doc, Warszawa Poland 2013 - Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Arab Emirates 2013 -Special Art Gallery Screenings : Red Gallery, London, UK 2013 - Czech Center, Bucurest, Romania 2012 - Progress Bar, Bratislava Slovakia 2013 - 16th Jihlava IDFF 2012, Czech republic - East Silver Market 2012 , Czech republic

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