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On the Ruins of Aleppo

A 28’ report directed in 2013 by Leo Gabriel

On the Ruins of Aleppo takes us on a trip to the regime-free territories in northern Syria.

Leo Gabriel meets with different personalities in Aleppo and its province: a sheikh explains the religious situation; a group of rebels guides the team through war-razed Aleppo to meet Christians, teachers, to visit a hospital that was destroyed a few days after the filming...

This movie is one of the first approaches to civil life in Aleppo and province. Schools, prison system, or the Kurdish issue are also approached in this overlooking documentary that will give us a firsthand impression about the complex situation in Syria.

Furthermore the film includes Interview with the major opposition leaders Mohammed Riad al-Schaqfa (President of the Syrian Muslim Brothers) and George Saabrah (Coordinator of the Syrian National Council) in Istanbul.

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