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The Battle of Aleppo (Chronicles of the Syrian Revolution)

A 52’ report directed in 2012 by Pierre Piccinin da Prata, Eduardo Ramos Chalen

In response to the Arab Spring the Syrian people started demanding the downfall of the regime and the creation of democratic institutions in March 2011. The government responded to these protests with repression and violence, all the while promising reform. Yet on May 7th 2012 elections took place without the participation of any of the opposition groups who had been uniformly branded 'terrorists'. In the weeks following the vote, Syria's towns and villages rose up, as one, against the regime. The revolution had started.

In July 2012 the newly-formed Free Syrian Army launched an offensive on two key fronts: the capital Damascus, to the south, and Syria's economic power-house, Aleppo, in the north.

Shot in August 2012 in the heat of the battle, this documentary reveals the suffering of a people struggling, alone, against the war machine of one the most barbaric dictatorships still in existence. It captures, in close-up, the shelling of civilians and the field hospitals in which they are treated; the refugees abandoned by the international community; and the front lines where lightly-armed freedom fighters clash with the regime's arsenal of fighter planes and tanks.

In order to carry out this exceptional piece of investigative journalism the filmmakers risked their lives to enter Aleppo and live night and day alongside its residents under constant bombardment.

In making this film Pierre Piccinin da Prata and Eduardo Ramos Chalen desired, above all else, to focus the public's attention on the anguished cries of a people dying while an indifferent world looks on.

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