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In Bed with Ulysses

A 80' documentary directed in 2012 by Alan Adelson, Kate Taverna

Racing against blindness, a monomaniac feeds off his love life intending to change the art of fiction forever. And James Joyce got his way, but at an enormous price.

“In Bed With Ulysses” tells the provocative story of how the greatest work of modern fiction was created, detailing the toll it took on its author and his Galway wife, the shockwaves it caused, the fight to suppress it, and its ultimate impact.
It’s the very sexy back story of a very sexy novel.

With the expiration of Ulysses’ copyright, the documentary celebrates the ultimate liberation of the most embattled work in the history of literature.

“The movie lets fresh air into Ulysses like a gust off the Irish sea.” NY Times.

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