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A 78' performing arts directed in 2003 by Jean Hennin

Recorded in November 2003
Opera Ballet - Theatre of Avignon and the Vaucluse countries

The unfortunate loves of Cassandra and Enéa ..

Sets: Nicolas Rubertelli
Costumes: Elena Cervi
Music: Marcel Schiavoni
Choreography: Luciana Cannito
Dancer: Miteki Kudo (Cassandra Mancuso), Eric Vu-An (Enéa Lormurno), Valérie Yvars (Ellen Stringer), Frédérique Hourtaine (ECUBA Mancuso), Michele Soro (Ulysses Bohnan)

Cassandra: Miteki Kudo
Enea: Eric Vu-An
Paride, the brother of Cassandra Anthony Beignard
Ellen, American fiancée Paride Alessia Passari

The ballet, choreographed by Luciano Cannito, tells Cassandra's story, based on the novel by Christa Wolf.
Miteki Kudo played the title role she had ever danced in Avignon there are 6 months. After being wounded, the dancer had not come on stage since March. So it was a real pleasure to taste his approach to the character..

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