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I'm in a Band

A 52' documentary directed in 2011 by Thomas Griffin

Iceland has a very severe history.
Its people knew how to build in spite of oppressions and attacks.
Its 320,000 inhabitants come through a financial crisis that has incredibly upset the economic landscape, politics and culture of the island.
But Iceland remains a breeding ground for surprising artists that occur throughout the world.

Gulla, Ari and Kidd have two things in common: Iceland and music. However, they have three different kinds of music, three styles of life, three personalities.

How do these artists live in Iceland in 2011?
Where does their inspiration comes today?
I'm in a Band invites you on Icelandic roads through this land of fire and ice to discover a singular and surprising artistic network.
The sweetness of Georg Holm (Sigur Rós) ...
The coolness of psychedelic Jon Audarson (Dead Skeletons) ...
The eccentricity of Páll Óskar ...

Festivals : - International Film Festival in Poland - 25 September 2013

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