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Saxo Folies - Selmer

A 26' documentary directed in 2012 by Boris Ehrgott

More than 4,000 fans flocked to Marciac to cheer the last living legend of the saxophone.

What would Sonny Rollins be without his "Selmer"? He speaks of “her” like it was a woman, his confidante and inspiration.

We must say that this brand of instruments, founded in 1885, shapes the history of jazz.

It is primarily in military bands, where he began his career as a clarinetist, where all the knowledge of luthier Henri Selmer is distributed. And then in the United States. Good example of French expertise: the 807 parts that a saxophone has, are made a few miles from Paris.

With nearly 22,000 instruments produced per year, most of it them exported around the world, Selmer’s name resounds in the largest concert halls in the world.

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