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Jean-Paul Gallorini - The Blood of the Champions

A 26' documentary directed in 2012 by Boris Ehrgott

Star of the racetracks, Jean-Paul Gallorini is one of the greatest thoroughbred coaches in the world.

"The most beautiful conquest of Man" has not much mystery to him. His outstanding track record includes the biggest races at Auteuil.

"I started at 14 years and I've keep working following “old-style” methods”.

The man creates fantasies since, penniless, he was forced to give a chance to slaughter horses, which had become great champions.

He opens the doors from the world of horse racing, meeting the countless professionals that participate in the glory of his team: the lads, jockeys, stable boys, and the veterinarian, the massage therapist, the farrier, etc.
Link between a humble world and the sumptuous universe of the owners, the coach remains the prisoner of his emotions during the major annual events where his horses run, as the Grand Steeple Chase de Paris.

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