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Rousseau, the Paths of Jean-Jacques

A 52' & 55' docu drama directed in 2011 by Hervé Pernot

Jean-Jacques Rousseau is considered as one of the theorists of democracy, one of the forerunners of modern pedagogy, one of the first romantics. But what was the childhood, the youth of this man whose thinking has changed the world ? Rousseau told about these moments in his autobiography "The Confessions". "Rousseau, the path of Jean-Jacques" is inspired by "The Confessions" and tell the first 25 years of the life of the famous philosopher, a series of adventures, meetings, a trip in all spheres of society, a journey of sexual, social, and intellectual initiation. Confessions are not the simple chronicle of his life. They find their place in a wide work. The famous philosophers Bruno Bernardi and Alain Grosrichard, the historian Claude Mazauric and the psychanalyst Roger Dadoun explain what the most striking aspects of the Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s personality, his literary project, and what relations can be established between episodes of his youth and the ideas he was able to defend as a philosopher. This documentary fiction allows us to go and back and forth between narration and reflection.

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