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 Craftsmen of the Exception

A 14 X 26' doc series directed in 2012 by Stéphane Jauny, Olivier Barruel

« The superfluous, an essential feeling » (Voltaire)

« Beauté Rare » reveals the unknown side of luxury.
« Beauté Rare » is a half hour series that will allow your audience to discover singular luxury firms craftsmen and understand their distinctive skills and knowhow, their languages, their gestures, measuring their prestige and history.
Each 26' episode explores the luxury field with a childish inquisitive look.
The scenes shot within the workshop are embellished with experts and historians appearances filmed on the most representative or symbolical locations.

Luxury is admirable if it combines with dream, pleasure and rarity.

– Pinel & Pinel - Trunks’ Delight
– Trudon - Wax Heart
– Mellerio - The Queens’ Jeweller
– Elke Berr - Dream Stones
– George Cannon - The Sense of Tea
– Houbigant - Kings’ Perfumer
– Jean-Paul Favand - The Merry-Go-Round Master
– Violin Folies
– Travel Beyond the Senses
– Piero Fornasetti – Designer
– The country of the Unicorn - Aubusson Tapestries
– The Blood of the Champions
– Saxo Folies
– Laguiole - The Spirit of a Knife

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