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Sharks : The Real Threat

A 53' documentary directed in 2009 by Jean-Manuel Prudhomme

For nearly 40 years, Jean-Bernard Galvès dives with sharks in the islands of the southwest Indian Ocean. For a long time, it was a sharks' fisherman, but today he is worried about their future.

In recent years, sailing aboard his boat, he is the helpless witness of the massacre against them to power the fin trade.

After Juan de Nova, one of the Scattered Islands in the French archipelago in the middle of the Mozambique Channel, where sharks are protected, the film takes us to Reunion, South Africa, Seychelles and on the west coast of Madagascar where shark populations are decimated by an intensive local fishing.

Awards : - Prix des Cinéphiles en Herbe- "21è Rencontre Cinéma-Nature" Dompierre - Prix "Fondation du festival mondial de l'image sous-marine" Mayotte

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