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History > Civilization

Byzantium after Byzantium

A 53' documentary directed in 2010 by Erato Paris

This production aims at revealing the major contribution of specific elite, the Greek “Phanariotes” or byzantine and post-byzantine families, in shaping and reconstructing the European and multinational identity in the East and the West from the 15th to the 21st century, on cultural, economic, historical, linguistic, political, financial, religious and social levels.

The original scenario is based on a new and thorough research on the past and present-day Phanariote families of Paris, Athens, Marseilles, Constantinople, Bombay, Odessa, Alexandria, Calcutta, Chios, Bucharest, Iasi, Syros.

Never before a film has been made on the major influence of the Phanariotes in shaping an international culture and defining the best of what Hellenism can provide: its culture and its civilization

Awards : - Selected at the 13th International Film and Culture Festival in Patras 2011 (Greece) - Selected at the London Greek Film Festival 2011 (UK) - Selected at the 13th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival 2011 (Greece) - Special Award of the Festival at the The 15th International Festival “Document Art.” 2011 (Romania)

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