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War against Sand

A 52' documentary directed in 2011 by Pierre Meynadier

Niger is crossed from east to west by the river Niger, which until now has ensured relative prosperity to its population. The Sahara desert, pushed by winds from the north, is advancing relentlessly. The sands have been carried as far as the banks of the river, that they are gradually stifled.

In just a few decades, the average depth has decreased by half and sometimes, during periods of drought, the river stops flowing altogether.

The other consequence is just as worrying: heavy rains cause faster, more widespread flooding than before. For the people who populate its shores, the life-giving river has become an enemy that invades the fields and drowns the crops.

To save the river will take a merciless battle against the sand that is suffocating it, but you can’t win a battle without weapons.

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