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Today's Worlds > Integration

Brazilian Mazurka

A 52' docu drama directed in 2011 by Pierre Meynadier

In the south, in Rio Grande do Sul State, the city of Aura is 98% populated by descendants of a Polish community which, in 1911, came to settle in Brazil.
A century later, some of them try to revive the memory so that the courage of the settlers and the difficulties they had to overcome may serve as an example to all.
If you close your eyes you can imagine what they experienced from the moment they arrived in a hostile environment with deep forest in all directions.

A century rolls by through recollections and reconstructions: sick children, clashes with German immigrants during the war and the courage it took to build a new life on the other side of the world. The youngest do not remember this history and have blended into Brazilian culture, but some seek to preserve the memory of the history that forged their characters, even if they do not know it.

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