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Berlusconi, the File

A 53' documentary directed in 2010 by Michael Busse, Maria-Rosa Bobbi

Berlusconi: The old fox and the Media
Recipe # 1: a total lack of scruples, combined with a complete disregard for the Law!
"He alone can help us"
Recipe # 2: Former property developer Berlusconi pretends to be the father of the nation, willing to make any sacrifice, and the « Saviour » of the ordinary people, who believe in him…
The son of the Mafia boss confesses. The Cosa Nostra Mafia financially helped Berlusconi to build his empire. The revelations of Massimo Ciancimino, son of Don Vito, half Christian Democrat, half mafioso, are quite amazing!
The Lilac-coloured flag versus Berlusconi
The Internet community is buzzing on Facebook and in the streets; Popolo Viola mobilizes thousands of anti-Berlusconi protesters. Among them, many young people, the biggest losers of the Berlusconi system...
Having the right network
Berlusconi owes his meteoric rise to his relations with the P2 Freemasons Lodge. The Directors of the film met with Licio Gelli, the founder of the Masonic lodge, which has now been now banned. They want to know how far Berlusconi wants to go towards the scenario thought up by the Lodge, of an authoritarian State.
At the heart of scandals
He had only just taken office when the first scandals hit the media: all attempts to prosecute him for tax evasion and corruption failed ...
"One of Us"
The Italians feel they have been abandoned by the opposition. Berlusconi for his part, as a good rhetorician, knows how to use the metaphor to show he is close to the people...

Festivals : - Prix Europa 2011 - Viennale 11

Awards : - Europa Selection 2011

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